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*About her Countess in the Queen of Spades, The Norwegian Opera & Ballet:

A clear answer to why we should see and hear this [The Queen of Spades], comes after the first intermission when Hege Høisæter gets a musical space as the Countess. She both plays and sings the old witch brilliantly, supported by a costume where the rigidity gives dramatic meaning. She takes the command musically, gets the conductor and the orchestra down in pace into a musical weight and nerve.

Hild Borchgrevink Dagsavisen 2018

*About her Kabanicha in Katya Kabanova, The Norwegian Opera & Ballet:

« the menacing Kabanicha she once again showed herself as a magnificently compelling vocal actress – standing tall, she towered over the other characters sending deadly looks in every direction……

… of the most powerful evenings I’ve spent in an opera house.»

Bachtrack 2015

« …the role of the infamous Kabanicha could have been written for Hege Høisæter.»

Dagsavisen 2015

*About her solo performance «Infinito nero» (Sciarrino) with Oslo Sinfonietta:

«..Hege Høisæter carried forth her role with impressive compassion and carrying power …amidst this musical and theatrical minimalism ….she formed very credibly this young nun

L.O.Flydal Vårt Land 2014

*About her Gräfin Geschwitz in Lulu,The Norwegian Opera & Ballet :

«..most of the cast perform formidably, M.F. and Hege Høisæter are exceptional

Tori Skrede VG 2011

“The bottomless maternal love mixed with all the bad things she hardly dares to think of – bitterness, regret, perhaps even hatred – is fabulously performed by Hege Høisæter.”

Aftenposten Ballerina 2017

«As a member of the Norwegian Opera for 42 years, I’ve watched many singers, some since they left the Opera School. I was responsible for lighting them for years. One of them was Hege Høisæter. I mean she is the most versatile opera singer I’ve ever seen. She mastered all roles with bravura.»

Gretar Sveinbjørnsson – Lighting designer

«Hege Høisæter is an extraordinary and wonderful mezzo soprano. She has developed a special flexibility in her voice in her constant search for honesty on stage. Hege is always looking for ways to find more in a situation or in the music in order to reach deeper into her role.  She does not search perfection but truth. She is a fullfilled artist.»

Hilde Andersen, Stage Director of Ballerina and at The Norwegian Opera and Ballet